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WATCH: Thousands of Tumbleweeds Block Roadway

There’s probably a decent population of Americans who think tumbleweeds are fictitious plants only seen in western movies, but they’re real. They’re...

Formula 1 Drivers Compete In Iconic Zamboni Race (Video)

What’s the best way to put two Formula 1 drivers, a professional hockey player, and an Olympic gold medal holding snowboarder against each...

Now it’s the Turn of New Zealand as More Snow Falls

15th June 2022There have been huge falls of snow in Australia so far this season, but less so in New Zealand. Not...

Inghams Launches Holidays for Next Winter

14th September 2022Inghams has unveiled its Winter 22/23 Ski Holidays with 44 new properties across 25 ski resorts in Italy, Switzerland, Canada,...

Shark Launches Into Fishing Boat (Insane Video)

Deep sea fishing is already pretty exhilarating, ya know? I’ve only done it once, but the possibility of reeling in a monster...