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Would You Like To See Airbags At More Resorts?

“We installed the model in the Beitostølen mountains (Norway) and let everyone show off their tricks! This was part of our ‘Try before...

Eileen Gu Wraps Up Olympics With Halfpipe Gold Medal

Eileen Gu finished up her Olympics with another Gold Medal. The 18-year-old from San Francisco, who chose to represent China in the Olympics, finishes...

WATCH: Kiteboarder Chased By Shark

Kiteboarding is one of those niche sports that doesn’t get enough fanfare, in my opinion. Riding endlessly on the open water with the...

Lightning Strike Kills Prius During Storm Chase (Watch)

A video recorded by High Risk Chris has gone somewhat viral over the last two weeks. He capture his friend’s Prius getting struck...

VIDEO: Marmots Use Exhausted Hiker As Salt Lick

After a tough multi-day hike through Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon, Canada this hiker was tuckered out and ripe. A curious family of Hoary...