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Time to Watch Some Ski Videos

12th May 2022The ski season is over so what better to do than watch some new snowsports videos? These come from our...

VIDEO: Free Soloing The Lower 48’s Tallest Mountain (Intense)

Tyler Karow shot a vlog-style video of his free solo route up and down California’s Mt. Whitney, and my palms are still...

State of Emergency Set to be Declared in Italian Alps as Drought Worsens

23rd June 2022There has been no rain for almost 4-months in places. It follows a winter that saw snowfall levels down 70%,...

DOCUMENTARY: Kite-Skiers Epic 1,429 Mile Journey Along Greenland’s South-North Axis

Follow along on this truly epic arctic adventure as polar explorers Sebastian Copeland and Eric McNair-Landry chronicle their 42 day, 1429 mile kite-skiing journey...

Several Colorado Ski Resorts Included In Region Identified For Grey Wolf Reintroduction

Back in 2020, Colorado voters narrowly approved a ballot forcing the state to reintroduce grey wolves. After nearly two years of researching...