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WATCH: Massive Dust Devil in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Much of Eagle Mountain is a construction site, as it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Utah. With these construction...

This Dude Is Completely Serious With His “Hands Free Climbing Technique”

You might be thinking this is some kinda spoof video and the whole bouldering in a tweed blazer doesn’t exactly add creditability to...

WATCH: The Longest Running Ski Race League in U.S. History

Based on Hannes Schneider and the Skimobile alone, Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway, New Hampshire stands as one of the most historic...

They Call This Ice-Climbing Spot In China “The Christmas Tree”

Lovey short film from a couple years back about a university teacher/ice climber looking to break free from a life of routine and...

Snowboarder Charged in Famous Skier’s Death Only Faces Petty Offense

“He taught and coached in Aspen and Vail, and became well-known for analyzing the techniques of World Cup racers and expert ski instructors,...