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Arizona Wildfire Might Have Been Started By Burning Toilet Paper

The Pipeline Fire has been raging since June 12th north of Flagstaff, Arizona. The fire has burned over 26,000 acres as of this...

WATCH: ‘burn.’ A Ski Film About Forest Fires

“Since June 11, 2013, 544,779 fires have burned. Since June 11, 2013, 64,000,000 acres have burned and a total of 47,814 homes.” –...

Breckenridge Trying To Reshape Its Short-Term Rental Strategy

By Ian Wood | August 12, 2022 11:26 am ET “What you...

Lake Tahoe Homeowner Discovers 5 Bears Hibernating Underneath House

A Lake Tahoe homeowner ended up quite shocked after discovering that five black bears had been hibernating underneath her house throughout the winter....

Sunday River’s Jordan 8 Lift Construction Project Starts With A BANG

The next step in Sunday Rivers 2030 plan is the construction of the Jordan 8 chairlift. On Thursday, the Maine ski resort released...