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How Denali Is Technically Taller Than Mt. Everest

Everybody knows that Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world when it comes to peak elevation at 29,032 feet, but...

Boorish Bears Interrupt Cross Country Meet (Watch)

Colorado high school cross country athletes were competing in an annual state championship when a mama bear and her two cubs interrupted...

Joona Kangas – ‘Sunset Keesh’ is everything you could want from resurrected classic

Close your eyes. It’s 2016. You’re playing ‘Wicked’ by Future for the fourth time today, and not surprisingly, it still goes. Level 1...

Maine’s Best Skier Sends “Chicken Fingahs” At Palisades Tahoe

“Went to the ticket booth first thing and said point me to the steeps and they said to go ski the chicken fingahs.”...

FUNNY: Marmot Licks Tired Climber’s Face

Marmots are one of many animal species that need to lick salty rocks and other surfaces to obtain essential minerals for survival. The...