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Brave Hunter Faces Off With Huge Brown Bear (Video)

This hunter was out in the wilderness of Eastern Norway looking for moose when he had an encounter he’ll never forget. You can...

This Yugoslavian Ski Resort Frozen In Time

“A film about a small ski town becoming a place of encounter in an area defined by war.” Pretty much blown away by...

Lake Tahoe Bears Caught Casing Homes (Video)

Everybody knows by now that the bears around Lake Tahoe have become a problem. They’re constantly breaking into homes, eating trash, rummaging through...

Disc Golfer Trampled By Crazy Deer (Watch)

A disc golfer and his dog were attacked by a crazy deer in the video below. It’s unclear what proceeded. Pay attention to...

Kimberley Alpine Resort Gives Update on Lift Damaged by Arsonist

After an arsonist set fire to Kimberley Alpine Resorts North Star Express Quad in December of last year, the resort’s main lift out...