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Homecoming at Smugglers’ Notch

Credit: Hugh Johnson, Smugglers’ Notch Resort Do you still head back to your alma mater for a big football game or a homecoming get-together?...

Make Your Kayak Days Easier With This Motorized Kayak Cart

Try to imagine this: you’ve just finished a long day of kayaking. Maybe you were just kayaking around a bay...

Franz Klammer Chasing the Line

14th June 2022 | Jane Peel, Chief ReporterHe is a legend in ski racing with 26 World Cup wins. But the greatest...

‘Simple Math’ – Joss Christensen Makes it Look Far Too Easy

Sometimes we’re drawn more to the underdogs than we are to those who have been established. Especially in ski culture, there’s an ease...

WATCH: Surfing Alaskan Steeps On 180cm Snowboard

How freaking cool is this monster 180cm snowboard made by Elevated Surf Craft, a collaborative community of shapers cultivated by the possibilities of exploring surf...