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Watch What Happens When Diver Cracks Egg 45 Feet Underwater

Just stumbled across this interesting YouTube short from Shanger Danger. He shows what happens when you crack an egg at 45′ below...

Five Dead And Six Rescued After Possible Whale Collision Capsizes Boat

Five individuals lost their lives on Saturday, September 10th, after their boat flipped in a possible whale collision. Six others who were...

Off-Piste Delights in St Anton

4th April 2022 | George Eykyn, St Anton, Tirol, Austria.PlanetSKI reporter George Eykyn was in St Anton in March 2020 when Covid...

Ethan Swadburg takes Big Sky by storm in episode one of ‘Fire it up’

The Swadburgerlar is back and better than ever. In this first episode of his new series, adequately titled ‘Fire it up’, the man...

World’s Largest Geothermal Lagoon Coming To A Canadian Province Near You!

A 130,000 sq. ft. (12,000 sq. meter) geothermal lagoon is under works in Charlevoix, Canada, around 45 minutes from Quebec City. The...