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Is This Climber Really 70 Years Old?

“Diduh Andrey Andronovich is a 70-years-old climber in the highest category climber. The man without ropes climbs on high rocks Perya in Krasnoyarsk.” According...

$500K Levi Jeans Found Exploring Abandoned Arizona Mine

“We found 7 pair of jeans from the 1800s in an abandoned mine in Arizona at Castle Dome Mine down an old shaft...

Piece Of Recent SLC Meteor Donated To University Of Utah

A meteor crashing through the Earth’s atmosphere created a sonic boom near Salt Lake City, UT last week. The sound startled residents,...

FAR BETWEEN: A short ski film by Finlay Woods and Craig Murray

Tasty midsummer shred flick from the good folks over at Matchstick Productions featuring Finlay Woods and Craig Murray who managed to put...

FOR SALE: Off-The-Grid Alaska Fly-Fishing Lodge

If you’ve ever wanted to own a remote lodge that’s a fisherman’s oasis, here’s your chance. Priced at $9.5 Million, the Bristol Bay...