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Karelian Bear Dog Chases Off Grizzly (Video)

Ever herd of a Karelian Bear Dog before reading the title of this post? Yeah, I hadn’t either, but I decided to do some...

Did You Know Tanner Hall Is A Ripping Mogul Skier?

Not saying its a shocker but the original Ski Boss ain’t too shabby blasting spread eagles through bumps. Check him out back in...

May’s Skiing Snippets

1st May 2022– Heli-ski Guide Dies in Alaska Avalanche– Investigation Underway After Two Climbers Die in Italy– 96-year-old Skis for 96 days...

Rogue Dust Devil Slams Paraglider Into Tree (Video)

A rogue dust devil caught this paraglider by surprise. It seemingly appears out of nowhere, picks the paraglider up, slams him into a...

Four Ski Areas in Colorado Remain Open into May

6th May 2022More snow is falling in Colorado and one resort claims it now has the best conditions of the season.  Snow...