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WATCH: Satisfying Triple Ski Jump

The video below shows three ski jumpers hitting a ski jump in Westby, WI simultaneously, and I can’t get enough of it. I don’t...

Tourists Witness Kayakers Sending Massive Waterfall, Add Brilliant Commentary

These tourists clearly thought they were watching the last moments of a kayaker’s life as the boaters sent it off the famous Cumberland...

‘Kryptonius in Inn$brooklyn’ – The Kryptoskier Erik Moberg

It’s hard to capture feeling and culture in 3 minutes. You need knowledge of what you’re looking at, be in the right place...

National Parks Service Releases Funny PSA In Response To Tourist-Animal Encounters

You gotta hand it to the National Parks Service. It’s impossible to keep every tourist safe in the vast wilderness of our country’s...

Burton Snowboards Is Not For Sale

23rd August 2022As rumours circulate the CEO, Donna Carpenter, makes her point in a one finger salute on Instagram. NEWThe idea of...