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Idiotic Tourists Get Out Of Their Cars For Closer Look At Grizzly (Watch)

The video embedded below is a little bit long, but it’s a perfect example of what not to do if you encounter...

Paralympic Medalist Millie Knight Explains What It’s Like Skiing Blind

“It’s just me and Brett, and we can go pretty fast.” –Millie Knight 23-year-old 3-time Paralympic medalist Millie Knight shares the challenges she faces...

Climate Change Impacts Adventure Sports in the Mountains

15th September 2022Climate change is making adventure tourism more challenging and sometimes riskier. That’s the claim from travel industry bodies, tour operators...

Historic Century-Old Shipwreck Found 10,000 Feet Below Antarctic Ice

^The Endurance stuck in ice in 1915 Ernest Shackleton was one of the foremost explorers of Antarctica during the early-20th century. He led numerous...

Dirt Biker Survives 100 Foot Fall Into Waterfall Pool (Wild Video)

Every once in a while we stumble across a truly incredible video here at Unofficial Networks. This video shows Rick Hogge falling more...