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Remember When An Angry Bull Charged Candide?

Candide Thovex, Sammy Carlson and co. were skiing some “fast grass” at La Clusaz when an angry bull charged Candide mid-turn! That’s some bullshit if you...

This Is Why Climbers Should ALWAYS Wear Helmets (Hit In Head)

Watch as a pretty sizeable rock hits a young climber square in the head, but he’s unfazed thanks to his trusty helmet. I love...

Incredibly Realistic Snowboarding Video Game “Shredders” Released To The Public

Earlier this month I wrote about the upcoming release of a snowboarding video game titled Shredders. Well, that game has now been released, and...

Austria Eases Covid Entry Rules from Tuesday

21st February 2022People arriving to ski will just need proof of double vaccination or recovery or a negative test when entering Austria....

Italian Ski Instructors Set Record For Longest Snow Snake

Ahhhh… there’s nothing like a good snow snake am I right? It’s a pretty easy way to turn a mundane trail into a...