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VIDEO: NZ Skier Successfully Deploys Airbag After Triggering Avalanche

“Hiking up heard a ‘whumpf’ ( the noise of a weak layer collapsing in the snowpack), saw no fracturing, thought that’s high...

Snowboarding History Made at Audi Nines- Watch!

The Audi Nines has become the unofficial hub for skiers and snowboarders to progress snow sports with mind-blowing tricks. It seems like every...

FUNNY: Weatherman Unhappy About Roadside Snow Reporting Assignment

“When it’s a nice day or sunny you never send me out to the lake or the pool for a live shot but...

WATCH: Chill Out To A Peaceful Morning Walk Around Zermatt

By Ian Wood | October 1, 2022 12:34 pm ET There are...

“The One Thing Every Climber Fears” (Watch)

Climbing comes with inherent dangers and risks, but perhaps none is more terrifying than a cam failing due to a rockfall. Watch as...