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WATCH: Bears Wrestle For Trail Cam

Two black bears were caught having a little wrestling session on a trail cam at a home in North Bend, Washington. The bears...

Thought To Be Extinct Crayfish Rediscovered in Alabama Cave

“After a couple of decades of no confirmed sightings and the documented dramatic decline of other aquatic cave life at Shelta Cave, it...

Sierra-at-Tahoe Plans to Fully Reopen Next Winter

“All of our energy is going toward getting all lifts and trails reopened this winter. It’s an aggressive goal, but we have the...

Palisades Tahoe’s KT-22 Lift Closed For Season, Red Dog to be Replaced

After a record amount of snowfall in December, the people of Lake Tahoe were hoping for a deep season. The deep snowfall basically...

This Maniac’s Red Rocks Training Routine Is Hard To Believe

I’ve witnessed some hardcore workout routines at Colorado’s iconic music venue Red Rocks but this dude is on an entirely different level. How...