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First Test Flight Successful For Eviation’s Electric Aircraft

Electric vehicles seem like a very likely path for the future. More and more car companies are investing in electric, electric boats...

VIDEO: The Breathtaking Beauty of North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park

“I have always said I would not have been President had it not been for my experience in North Dakota.” –Theodore Roosevelt  Encompassing over 70,000...

Ski Patrollers Trigger Satisfying Cornice Avalanche With Explosives (Watch)

^How hype I get watching ski patrollers work. Excuse my bro-ish tone here, but it’s gotta be so god d*mn sick to get paid...

WATCH: Sending Huge Cliffs at The Remarkables

By Ian Wood | August 9, 2022 10:04 am ET In light...

Majestic White Moose Spotted Swimming In Lake

I’m not sure if this moose is confirmed to be albino or not, but he is completely white from antler to hooves. He...