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Does Palisades Tahoe Have the Best Pond Skim on the Planet?

526 shares By Ian Wood | April 19, 2022 10:35 am ET ...

Rogue Signals & Lane Discipline…Lessons On Avalanche Group Searches

Excellent information on performing an avalanche rescue with more than one rescuer with Jim Conway, Bruce Edgerly and the crew from Backcountry Access....

VIDEO: 1,500lbs Walrus Wreaking Havoc In Norwegian Harbor

Her name is Freya, she is 1,500lbs of fat and sassy and she has been wreaking havoc among the fjords of Norway.  9NEWS...

This Has To Be The Gnarliest Scooter Stunt Ever

“30 feet up and 30 feet down!” -R. Willy You know those razor scooters kids you see at skateparks that sometimes get a hard...

Amateurs Ride All 21 stages of Tour de France (2,000+ Miles)

“The Tour de France is arguably the hardest & most famous cycle race in the world, even for a pro rider completing...