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Who Needs Skins? Just Get a Paraglider…(Breathtaking Video)

Who needs skins when you can just catch a good tailwind and ascend thousands of vertical feet up the mountain using a paraglider? Think...

WATCH: Skiers Squeeze Through Tight Opening

Check out this claustrophobic line on Mont Blanc in the Italian Alps. Challenging descent and visually stunning. Incredible work by Vivian Bruchez. ...

[MUST WATCH] Wiley Miller’s ‘A Connection to Gravity’

For the last 15 years, Wiley Miller has been a staple in ski flicks from Level 1 Productions as well as Teton Gravity...

Climate Change Impacts Adventure Sports in the Mountains

15th September 2022Climate change is making adventure tourism more challenging and sometimes riskier. That’s the claim from travel industry bodies, tour operators...

Springtime in Innsbruck, Austria – live from the field with Capeesh

Ahhh that fresh Austrian Alps air; you can almost smell it through the screen. See the sunshine (and occasional clouds), taste the wiener...