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WATCH: Gigantic Ice Chunk Falls Off Glacier

Watch as a group of lucky tourists where treated to a spectacular show at a glacier in Argentina. “This video was captured in...

Skaters Session Speed Boat Turned Into Skatepark (Watch)

There’s a certain vibe that’s attributed to the California skating scene, right? I just mean I’m not the only one who thinks of our...

VIDEO: Fisherman Gets Face Full of Ink After Pulling Up Squid

“It’s gonna spray us.” Kudos to the precision aim by this squid who delivered a well place ink blast after getting brought up by...

VIDEO: Mantis Shrimp Punches Hole In Fisherman’s Foot

“Supposedly mantis shrimp has the most powerful punch in the animal kingdom and I just felt it.” The mantis shrimp is known as “The...

North Dakota Ski Area Fundraising After Sustaining Significant Flood Damage

Frost Fire Park, located in Walhalla, North Dakota, is a modest ski area/mountain bike park by American standards, but it’s a vital source...