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Skiers Encounter Three Moose From Chairlift

These skiers had one of the coolest wildlife encounters from a chairlift that I’ve seen in recent memory. They saw three moose foraging...

VIDEO: This Ski Patroller’s Incredible Display of Professionalism

As the weather warms and ski resorts turn on the hoses for pond skim events across the nation, I couldn’t help but remember...

Ski Resort Captures Moment Grizzly Awakes From Hibernation

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, located in Golden, BC, shared an awesome video of their bear, Boo, awakening from his long hibernation. Boo lives on...

Stubborn Dog Just Wants To Play With Aggravated Bull Moose

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they don’t always listen to us…do they? The video below shows a man recording his dog Akira investigating a...

Mountain Biker Has Close Call With Running Bear Cub (Watch)

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen out on your mountain bike? This guy was cruising along the the Skyline Trail at Snowshoe Bike Park,...