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Who Needs Skins? Just Get a Paraglider…(Breathtaking Video)

Who needs skins when you can just catch a good tailwind and ascend thousands of vertical feet up the mountain using a paraglider? Think...

Snowboarder Jumps Over Clueless Skier Standing In The Landing (Watch)

You might be surprised with this take considering I’m an avid skier, and I like to stick it to snowboarders from time to...

WATCH: This Ballpark Is Situated In The Midst Of The Bavarian Alps

By Ian Wood | September 20, 2022 11:13 am ET I’m a...

Italy Lifts More Internal Covid-19 Restrictions But Travel Rules Apply

1st April 2022Green passes are not needed for ski lifts, mountain restaurants and other facilities.  A Covid vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test...

Wingsuit Flight Over Swiss Ski Resort (Video)

No idea what this guy is saying in French, but I know his BASE jump and wingsuit flight over this Swiss ski resort...