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This Is Why Climbers Should ALWAYS Wear Helmets (Hit In Head)

Watch as a pretty sizeable rock hits a young climber square in the head, but he’s unfazed thanks to his trusty helmet. I love...

VIDEO: Slow Motion Cross Country Carnage Is Mesmerizing

With the world’s best cross country skiers have taken center stage its easy to forget about the legions of hobby racers around the...

Congratulations Continue for Dave Ryding

22nd March 2022The Rocket finished the season in 8th place in the slalom World Cup. It has been heralded as a superb...

“Bearforce One” Bear Exits Hibernation Looking Rather Robust

185 shares By nolandeck | June 27, 2022 4:55 pm ET ...

VIDEO: This Cork Zero Ski Trick Is Aerial Sorcery

The name for this trick is up for discussion but at the end of the day Leo Landroe took off switch, landed...