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Side Hit Session at Jackson Hole (Watch)

Who doesn’t love a good side hit session on a sunny spring day? The folks over at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort just dropped an...

96-Year-Old Utah Skier Racks Up 96+ Days Skiing

“The goal was to ski my age and I made it a couple days ago. These are bonus days. You might call it...

Happy International Moon Day! (53rd Anniversary Of The Moon Landing)

Happy Moon Day, friends! On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to ever land on the...

Recent JetBlue and Southwest Announcements Are Great News For Skiers

Airlines have been struggling lately to keep up with demand. Cancellations and lost luggage have been rampant, and people who traveled by plane...

Canadian Ski Resort Fined $7,000 In Connection To Employee Accident Death

Baldy Mountain Resort located in South Okanagan, BC has been fined $7,000 in connection to an employee’s death. The fine was issued in May by...