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[WATCH] McKenna Peterson proves just how tough she really is

McKenna Peterson is one of my favorite skiers for a few reasons but namely, it’s because she allows her work to do all...

Sketchy Backcountry Skiing In Colorado In July (Watch)

Those of you starving for snow might be surprised to find out that there’s still turns out in Colorado’s high country for those...

Partial Foot Found Floating In Yellowstone’s Abyss Hot Spring

The National Park Service was prompted to begin an investigation after a partial foot was discovered floating inside a shoe in one...

Glacier Ski Areas in Austria Are Opening

26th September 2022Hintertux and Soelden already have slopes open and others are making final preparations after the temperatures have dropped and fresh...

Have You Ever Seen A Wet Micro-Burst….AKA “Rain Bomb”

You may have heard of a weather phenomena called micro-bursts, but have you ever seen a wet micro-burst? This video comes from a...