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Here’s Why You Always Wear A Climbing Helmet

“I wear my helmet cause there are so many variables in rock climbing that it’s impossible to always be 100% safe from...

Distressed Elk Aggressively Charges Vehicles (Video)

Elk are currently in rut across North America. In short, it’s the time of year when the large males herd together a...

Rare East Coast Avalanche Captured In Smugglers’ Notch Backcountry

Green Mountain Rippers uploaded a video of a small, but mighty, avalanche that occurred in the backcountry near Smugglers’ Notch, VT. The video was...

WATCH: Skier Narrowly Escapes Massive Avalanche in French Alps

Unfortunately I don’t parle français so the dialogue is lost on me but judging by the chairlift in the early part of this...

Rare Photo Discovered Of Taiwan’s Lone Ski Resort From 1971

Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area blanketed in snow. Credit: Taiwan Tourism Bureau Taiwan received a dusting of snow at high-elevations last winter, and...