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TRAILER: Netflix National Parks Documentary Series Narrated by Barack Obama

“I’m excited to share the latest project from Higher Ground: Our Great National Parks. Some of my favorite memories are from the trips...

Some Idiot Left Petroleum Grease on a Boulder in Moab

By Ian Wood | February 16, 2022 1:22 pm ET “Pro Tip of...

VIDEO: Reindeer Herd Charges Through Terrain Park in Sweden

“Swedish reindeer trying out the park! This was such an insane moment.” Very cool wildlife encounter caught on video at the terrain park in...

Skiers Encounter Three Moose From Chairlift

These skiers had one of the coolest wildlife encounters from a chairlift that I’ve seen in recent memory. They saw three moose foraging...

Skiing in Norway: PlanetSKI reports from Narvik Inside the Arctic Circle

30th April 2022 | James Cove, Narvik, Northern Norway.We expected some fabulous skiing, but the area has far more to offer than...