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WATCH: The History of The Zamboni

CBS Saturday Morning ran a great piece last weekend describing one of the most beloved machines in all of winter sports: the Zamboni....

This Is What Happens When an Ice Jam Releases (Video)

An ice jam occurs when large floating pieces of river ice accumulate in a way that impedes the flow of ice downstream with...

How it’s Made: An inside look at Dynastar’s development process

All images: Noah Wetzel Although Dynastar has just regained traction in the freeride market with the launch of its incredibly successful M-Free line...

Blind Man Attempts Heli-Skiing 25,000 Vertical Feet In one Day

Really cool story out of Canada where Mark Bentz, a skier who lost his vision at a young age, attempted to ski 25,000...

Schweitzer Announces New Employee Housing Project

Schweitzer, ID is hopping on the train of resorts beginning new employee housing projects this year. They join the likes of Winter Park,...