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Red Bull Raid- The Future of Big Mountain Competitions (Event Recap)

Skiing and snowboarding events have felt stale in recent years. Sure, it’s still fun to watch the best athletes go big on gnarly terrain,...

Airport Travel Problems Continue

5th April 2022Airlines operating from the UK are continuing to experience problems as the Easter ski break gets underway and the winter...

Missoula Surveys Locals on What To Do With Abandoned Ski Area

By Ian Wood | February 25, 2022 12:07 pm ET Marshall Mountain was...

Northwest Avalanche Center Warns About “Dangerous, Tricky” Avalanche Conditions

The Northwest Avalanche Center is warning folks this morning that the snowpack is sketchy. The region was bombarded with several feet of snow in...

Mountain Goats Don’t Believe In Gravity

I just stumbled across this cool little video from YouTube channel Animalogic on mountain goats, and thought it was worth a share with...