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Fresh Avalanche Warnings as Two People Die in Switzerland

14th February 2022 Two men died in Switzerland and others were caught in separate slides in Austria but were rescued. With the busy half-term...

Deer Valley Ski Patrol Demonstrates Why You Shouldn’t Stop In Blind Spots

Thanks to the good folks at Deer Valley ski patrol for demonstrating the proper etiquette for choosing a place to take a pitstop...

EU Asks Border Police Not to Stamp Passports of British People With Residency

27th March 2022Some UK people in the alpine nations with residency have been having their passports stamped as they go in and...

Anna Gasser: What’s Next, After Winning It All? (Video)

Check out this great short movie from Red Bull Snow about legendary Big Air snowboarder Anna Gasser. Gasser, an Australian, has won Gold in...

WATCH: Satisfying Triple Ski Jump

The video below shows three ski jumpers hitting a ski jump in Westby, WI simultaneously, and I can’t get enough of it. I don’t...