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Some Glaciers in Himalayas Resisting Climate Change Melt

13th August 2022Some areas of glaciers in the Karakoram Range are defying the global trend of glaciers losing mass. The glaciers of...

Explained: How Jeeps Can Climb Near 90-Degree Rock Walls

We’ve all seen videos of Jeeps climbing extremely steep rock walls, right? The videos are usually filmed somewhere in the American west, and showcase...

Two Women on Mountain Survival Course Die in Avalanche

11th April 2022They were in a party of six in Chamonix, France, with a guide when the avalanche struck. An investigation is...

Two Visit Salt Lake Passes, One Ultimate Ski and Après Ski Experience.

Lead photo credit: Douglas Puslipher-Alamy Tucked away beneath the Wasatch Mountain Range and the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City has spent most of...

Side Hit Session at Jackson Hole (Watch)

Who doesn’t love a good side hit session on a sunny spring day? The folks over at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort just dropped an...