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Mt. Bachelor Adding its First Ever Six-Pack Chairlift

417 shares By Ian Wood | March 25, 2022 10:02 am ET ...

Paraglider Has Close Call With Airplane (Watch)

This paraglider had the scare of a lifetime when a small aircraft nearly ran into the winch line below him in Sweden...

First Snow Of The Season Spotted At Vermont Ski Resort! (Video)

Goosebumps. I have actual goosebumps as I’m writing these words. It snowed in Vermont this morning. Yup! It actually snowed!!!!!! The video below...

Killington Will Remain Open Until June 4th (Latest Closing Since 1997)

“Ah, June. Summer really sets in as the calendar flips on over, but we aren’t ready to hang up our skis and boards...

Dachstein Glacier To Remain Shut This Season as Climate Change Takes its Toll

15th September 2022The warm summer temperatures have reduced the size of the Austrian glacier. The lifts are now unstable as the ice...