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What comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles? Most likely palm trees, Hollywood, beaches, and sunny skies, right? But, did you...

VIDEO: Linking Two Of Colorado’s Classic Backcountry Ski Lines In One Day

While most of us dream of going out there and skiing some of the best backcountry lines in the country, Michael Wirth gets...

Old Man Snowboarder Threatens Teen Skiers Who Cut Him Off (Watch)

Let’s lay out the scene of this video so that we’re all on the same page- An old man snowboarder gets cut off by...

Watch What Happens When Diver Cracks Egg 45 Feet Underwater

Just stumbled across this interesting YouTube short from Shanger Danger. He shows what happens when you crack an egg at 45′ below...

Day In The Life Of A Ski Patroller (Vlog)

I just happened to stumble across a YouTube channel about a ski patroller at Brian Head Resort in southern Utah. Ski Patrol Life...