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Arapahoe Basin Threw Their 75th Anniversary Party On Gaper Day & It Rocked

There’s a spectrum when it comes to how serious mountains tend to take themselves. A lot of Vail owned resorts take themselves way seriously,...

Filmer’s Reaction To Jesper Tjäder Guinness World Record Is Priceless

After 3 days and 127 attempts, Jesper Tjäder finally made it the distance and set a new Guinness World Record by sliding a...

Fresh Warning on Alpine Snow Levels

2nd July 2022A new study claims the number of snow days where snow lies on the ground in the Alps will halve...

WATCH: Lone Wolf Drags Elk Carcass With Mouth

The trail cam video below shows a lone wolf dragging and entire dead elk carcass only using its mouth. Pretty impressive if you...

Gold Medalist Sit Skier Rips Summer Turns On Glacier (Watch)

Sit back and watch in amazement as sit skier Jesper Saltvik Pedersen (@jesper.sp) rips summer turns on the slushy slopes of the...