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Turkish People of The Kaçkar Mountains Have Been Snowboarding For 300 Years

The folks in the Kaçkar Mountains of Turkey have been riding white waves since before we signed the declaration of independence. Follow Alex Yoder...

Some International Snowsports Events Continue in Russia After Invasion of Ukraine

25th February 2022World Cup events are scheduled in ski cross and aerials, though some events have been called off. The  The International...

Let’s Hijack This Snowplow Naming Contest By Naming It Plowy McPlowface

Sandy, UT is asking the public to help name a new snowplow, and I think you know where this is going… I’ve always wanted...

Driver Gets Too Close To Bison, Car Gets Slammed (Watch)

Driving through Yellowstone National Park can be hazardous due to the park’s large bison population. The animals are known to block highways,...

WATCH: World’s First Work Commute Using Flying Car

Jetson is one of a handful of companies seeking to bring flying vehicles to the average consumer. We might still be quite a...