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Porcupine Spotted From Chairlift @ Loveland Ski Area

What a cool critter to see from a chairlift. I had no idea but apparently porcupines are excellent climbers and can go straight...

WATCH: Things to Do at the Lake of the Ozarks

By Ian Wood | April 26, 2022 10:33 am ET Missouris’ natural surroundings...

Searching for Skiing

24th March 2022The ski operator allChalets reports a growing interest in skiing as travel rules and local Covid-19 restrictions ease. It also...

Lightning Strike Kills Prius During Storm Chase (Watch)

A video recorded by High Risk Chris has gone somewhat viral over the last two weeks. He capture his friend’s Prius getting struck...

Work Has Begun on the Mt. Shasta Ski Park Expansion

Back in April, Mt. Shasta Ski Park in California announced plans to expand its lift-serviced skiing up onto Gray Butte. This new terrain...