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Receding Glacier Reveals Wreckage from 1968 Swiss Plane Crash

8th August 2022A mountain guide has found wreckage of a plane that crashed in 1968 on the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland. As...

WATCH: Eyewitness Reports of Yellowstone Flooding & Evacuation

1.2k shares By Ian Wood | June 14, 2022 9:58 am ET ...

VIDEO: Snowboarder Comes Up Painfully Short On Road Gap (Uninjured)

Happy to report pro snowboarder Sheldon Dennis was uninjured after this disastrous road gap attempt in the Mt. Baker area. This is the...

The Survivors of Mt. Everest’s Worst Tragedy

Start your morning with the harrowing story about one of the worst tragedies on Mt. Everest. 8 climbers lost their lives that day,...

Skier Uses E-Scooter For Urban Trick (Watch)

FINALLY. Somebody has FINALLY found a practical use for those goddamn Bird (and other brand) scooters that are laying on sidewalks across America. It...