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WATCH: Lone Wolf Drags Elk Carcass With Mouth

The trail cam video below shows a lone wolf dragging and entire dead elk carcass only using its mouth. Pretty impressive if you...

Canadian Ski Resort Turns On Snow Guns As Wildfire Approaches (Evacuation Ordered)

Apex Mountain Resort, located just south of Kelowna, BC, Canada, is bracing for impact as the Keremeos Creek Fire rages nearby. The fire has...

Deer Valley’s Base Area Expansion Faces Local Scrutiny

Deer Valley is looking to build up its Snow Park base village, but the question is by how much. TownLift reported on a...

Saharan Dust Cloud Turns European Ski Slopes Orange

Remember that thing you learned in high school earth science…erosion, transportation, deposition? Well it was on full display this week in Europe as...

Bear Wakes Up Van Dweller (Watch)

You simply don’t need an alarm clock when you’re a van dweller. Not because you’re living a free-spirited life away from responsibilities...