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U.S. Ski Team Doctor First To Perform “Game Changer” ACL Surgery In America

“Skiing is a demanding sport and especially those who are beginners, they might be more prone to injury or those pushing their limits....

VIDEO: French Comedy About Shredding The Moon aka MOONTAIN SKIING

“A small step for a skier, a giant step for humanity.”  I got a kick out of this low budget French film about a...

1987 Telemark Instructional Video Has Me Shopping For Banjos

“The Telemark Movie is a step by step user-friendly instructional progression for learning downhill skiing techniques on cross-country skis, especially the Telemark turn....

Launching Grenade On To Frozen Lake (Insane Video, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

I think it goes without saying, but let me state it clearly just in case- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. These guys are...

Would You Try Tandem Snowboarding?

Not quite the romantic athletic synchrony of color coordinated Tandem Mono-Skiing but looks like a great way to test your friendship with a...