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VIDEO: Champion Mountain Biker Turned Illegal Marijuana Smuggler

This is the story of 46-year-old champion downhill mountain biker turned pot smuggler Missy “The Missile” Giove. Missy dominated the downhill mountain biking circuit...

WATCH: Vintage Footage Shows Life In Revelstoke In 1962/63

It’s always fun to take a peak into the past through archive footage. It’s not too often that we’re able to see...

Colorado Hikers Discover Human Skull In Manitou Springs

Two hikers made a macabre discovery in late May while hiking around Manitou Springs after coming across a human skull.  On the evening...

There’s A Tony Hawk Cover Band That Only Sings The Pro-Skater Soundtrack

The call themselves The 900 and they are UK’s first and only Tony Hawk Pro Skater cover band. If you grew up in...

Stupid Sightseer Takes Photos As Elk Warns Him (Watch)

If you saw a 1,000 pound bull elk acting aggressively by digging at the ground, bugling loudly, and moving closer to you,...