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First Ski Resort in USA Opens

23rd October 2022Arapahoe Basin in Colorado is out of the blocks and has fires up its first lift on Sunday. Other resorts...

Summer Ski Jumping Is Terrifying (POV Video)

The fact that ski jumpers keep practicing all year long thanks to modern technology is pretty incredible. Watching one of their POVs...

Paraglider Has Close Encounter With Passing Plane (Video)

A paraglider was recording when a huge plane passed right by him. He’s probably a few hundred, if not a thousand feet away,...

UK Ski Operator Has Offers for Next Season

24th March 2022Absolutely Snow is turning its attention to next season as this one draws to a close.  It has four special...

Watching Slow Motion Cross Country Carnage Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

I had no clue just hypnotizing watching amateur cross country ski racers eating sh*t is. I got through the entire 7 minutes no...