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Massachusetts Hiker Becomes First Woman To Complete All 11 National Scenic Trails (19,000 Miles)

“There’s still local stuff I want to do in the Whites, and there are trails in Europe. There’s still trails out in the...

Colorado Town Being Considered for Hot Springs Destination

744 shares By Ian Wood | April 14, 2022 11:45 am ET ...

LINE Skis Presents ‘adVENNture’- Must Watch Short Film

It’s not often that a ski edit actually makes me feel emotions, ya know? I mean, I enjoy watching people ski big lines in...

VIDEO: How To Snowboard With Skiers In The Backcountry

“We’re gonna touch all those scenarios and behavior changes that will make huge changes in everyone’s pleasure.” –Xavier de Le Rue  Excellent little...

VIDEO: Handy Technique To Remove Skins In Heavy Wind

“Little technique to remove skins, Very useful when it’s windy, no need for a protection-separation net for the skins.” –Vivian Bruchez Vivian Bruchez sharing...