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VIDEO: Owen Leeper’s Clutch Recovery Midway Down Exposed Jackson Hole Chute

Just thinking back to this incredible recovery back in February by Jackson Hole ripper Owen Leeper who was able to regain control...

Can’t Believe They Still Do Mass Start Ski Racing in Austria

austria, chinese, Der weisse Rausch, downhill, hotdog, mass, Mountain, race, racing, resort, ski, Skiing, St. Anton, start, The White Rush, Ski...

The Dangers of Golfing During Elk Rut in Colorado

If you’re considering hitting the links of Colorado between now and around mid-October, here is a friendly heads up to super cautious...

WWII Veteran Skis For The First Time (Watch)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend folks! Please take some time to remember the American men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms. I...

It’s a bird, it’s a drone, it’s Blaine Gallivan!

Much like skiers and mountaineers, the raven thrives in high-alpine environments. An ever-present fixture in the mountains, the raven has garnered the reputation...