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Alaskan Town Plunges Into Darkness, Won’t See Sun For 2 Months

Utqiagvik (oot·kee·aag·vuhk), Alaska (formally known as Barrow) is America’s northernmost city. It resides well within the Arctic Circle, meaning it experiences long periods...

Yellowstone Getting $50 Million To Kickstart Recovery Efforts (Northern Loop To Reopen 2 Weeks)

Excellent news on the Yellowstone National Park flood recovery front with the announcement from National Park Service Director Chuck Sams that $50,000,000 will...

Alaskan Town Celebrates Independence Day By Launching Cars Off Cliff (Watch)

^Hundreds of spectators show up to watch cars get launched off a cliff on the 4th of July. ‘MERICA! Welp. We just found our...

Video From Ski Resort Explains Why Wind Holds Are Necessary

Wind holds might be every skier and snowboarder’s least favorite thing, but they are absolutely necessary for the safety of guests. Mission Ridge Ski...

Satellites Could be Used to Detect and Help Predict Avalanches

10th October 2022In what regions do avalanches repeatedly occur? Where are they triggered and what path do they take? How often do...