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Boogieboarder Rides Perfect Wave Pool Barrel (Video)

Boogieboarding might seem like surfing’s less-cool cousin, but I’ll die on the hill that it’s still fun as hell. Don’t yuck my yum,...

Miraculous Surfing Recovery…Loses Board, Body Surfs, Regains Board, Surfs Away

Mystery surfer possibly from Peru pulls off the one of the greatest surfing saves in the history of the sport. After getting knocked...

Blowing Up Beaver Dams With Tannerite

Watch as a couple of guys blow up a beaver dam that’s blocking up too much water at their local pond. I won’t...

Alpine Glaciers Set for Highest Ice Loss in 60 Years

12th August 2022The summer heatwaves in Europe are having a significant impact with glaciers shrinking sharply. This year is when many have...

Time To Get Stoked For The Nines’22

The ski season for the Untied States (and most of the Northern Hemisphere) is, unfortunately, nearing its end. Many mountains across the world...