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Young Skier Crashes Into Friend On Corbet’s Couloir (Video)

NOTE: I’m only posting this video because the video’s uploader has stated that both of the girls were okay after this pretty scary...

Bike Trail Builder Emerges From Burrow After Winter Hibernation

“Spring has arrived! Our subterranean camera witnesses a mountain bicycle trail builder wake from hibernation.” Tip of the cap to PEARL iZUMi for this...

WATCH: Behind the Scenes of Deer Valleys Grooming Operations

I got to experience more of the powder scene on Wednesday at Deer Valley, but the Utah ski resort is mostly known for...

It FINALLY Snowed In Colorado! (Photo/Video Recap)

Old man Winter finally got his sh*t together, and has made the comeback of the season for most Colorado ski resorts. Thank god. Take...

Québec Thief Fined $20,000 For Stealing Forty-Five Fossils

“This is the largest fine that has been levied to date for the removal of fossils from the Burgess Shale, and demonstrates the...