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WATCH: Gigantic Ice Chunk Falls Off Glacier

Watch as a group of lucky tourists where treated to a spectacular show at a glacier in Argentina. “This video was captured in...

Disc Golfer Trampled By Crazy Deer (Watch)

A disc golfer and his dog were attacked by a crazy deer in the video below. It’s unclear what proceeded. Pay attention to...

Sunshine Village Re-opens for Canada Day

26th June 2022The lifts will start again from June 28th to July 3rd and will be open on Wednesday 1st July –...

POV: Triggering Huge Avalanche While Skiing

Getting caught in an avalanche is every backcountry skier’s worst fear. It’s why we spend countless hours learning about avalanche safety gear, studying snow...

Time To Get Stoked For The Nines’22

The ski season for the Untied States (and most of the Northern Hemisphere) is, unfortunately, nearing its end. Many mountains across the world...