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Vail Resorts Somehow Fumbles Another Epic Lift Upgrade Project

119 shares By Ian Wood | July 28, 2022 2:00 pm ET ...

WATCH: French Kayaker Becomes First Woman To Run 100ft+ Waterfall

“The initial project was to run a 100+ ft waterfall. When BoofSessions Kayaking Ecuadorshowed me a photo of this beautiful drop, things changed....

UK’s First On Mountain Festival Takes Place Next Week

17th March 2022It’s called The Mighty Coe and you may not be surprised to learn that it takes place at Glencoe in...

Rap Video Filmed At Minnesota’s Buck Hill Ski Resort

Rapper Rache Bands chose the slopes of Buck Hill Ski Resort in Minnesota as the backdrop to his freshly released music video for...

Italian Glacier Resort Closes as Glaciers Melt

25th July 2022Passo Stelvio is the latest summer ski resort to close as warm temperatures take their toll. Some question how many...