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Paddleboarder Meets Humongous Blue Whale (Video)

It seems like the ‘Paddleboarder encounters (insert name of aquatic animal here)’ genre of internet videos is on the rise, and I’m not...

Swiss Mountain Pass Will Be Ice Free For The First Time Since Roman Era

232 shares By nolandeck | August 11, 2022 2:51 pm ET ...

Santa Cruz Bicycles Issues E-Bike Recall Due To Fire & Fall Hazard

Santa Cruz Bicycles has issued a recall notice for Heckler 9 electric bikes sold between January – March 2022. The brand received 10 reports...

Skier Overshoots Huge Air At Snowbird (Video)

Bright and sunny days on the mountain is hero time. Time for you to muster up your courage to ski a new...

All UK Travel Rules Scrapped

15th March 2022The remaining Covid travel restrictions will be gone by this Friday.  The government has confirmed it is scrapping the passenger...