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Skiers Score Rare Descent of Tallest Peak In Wasatch Range (Watch)

I got a tasty little clip for all of you this afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. The...

VIDEO: Black Bear Closely Pursues Hiker For 3+ Minutes

“All I could think was… this is going to hurt. Where is his Mum???” Harrowing video Whistler, British Columbia hiker who was trailed by...

Secrets To Getting Professional Level Follow Cam From “The Gimbal God”

Practical and tactical advice on how to the most out of your GoPro from one of the best filmers in the business, Spencer...

11 Month Old Snowboards For First Time (Cute Video)

^Credit: Burton Snowboards Burton Snowboards shared the video below to their Twitter feed recently. It shows 11 month old Katahdin logging her first day...

Skiing On 35,000,000 Tons of Mining Waste

Check out this fascinating episode from English YouTuber Tom Scott as he explores a one of kind ski experience in Bavaria, Germany. The...